Same, yeah 👍

> On 14 Oct 2016, at 21:21, Eloy Durán via swift-build-dev 
> <> wrote:
>> 5. Given that many people agree there are two workflows (we ourselves had 
>> talked about this a lot when writing the proposal, but didn't put it in), we 
>> felt it makes sense to consider adding that as an explicit declaration 
>> *somewhere*.
>> @Eloy, @Orta: Suppose we had a semantic notion of which packages were 
>> intended to be "top-level" versus used as a dependency, and we chose our 
>> defaults accordingly (in this case, we would orient workflows towards 
>> pinning by default in the top-level case, in the used as a dependency case 
>> we would orient away from it, e.g. warning you if you checked it in). What 
>> would you think of such a design?
> Oooooooh, I like it.
> Even though I would probably still pin/lock personally, I think this default 
> combined with the explicit declaration strikes a perfect balance in 
> trade-offs 👍
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