As there is an upcoming SwiNOG.... lets throw some people under the bus
before they arrive. Or at least allow them time to come up with more

Some quotes from Swiss ISPs from the Call Your ISP page:


"Currently, as demand for IPv6 is very low, we have no plans to
introduce IPv6 native.

"No plans to support IPv6 for our private and SoHo clients"

"The plan is to move everyone on DSLite."

"Provider info: IPv6 is "planned" and soon should get a priority status.
When that "soon" will be is not yet known."

"They know what IPV6 is, eventually they will provide it"


Come on folks, it is 2016! IPv6 is *20 years* old...

Even was able to get it working[1].

Oh and note: Dual-stack IPv4 + IPv6, along with a /56 per user.

It is not that hard to get right.... and yeah, you kinda had 20 years
already to 'plan' for this....



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