On 2016-09-20 13:00, Roger Schmid wrote:
> Just one .. Dropping MTU handling and point to layer7 should handle that
> doesnt let you feel strange ? So how could an app handle packet size
> thru L4 ?

Both IPv4 and IPv6 have this little protocol called ICMP (+ICMPv6) it is
very useful and for IPv6 it is mandatory.

Even Google (who force MSS to magic values) and Cloudflare had issues
with that too:


That does not make IPv6 broken though, that makes people who think they
have to filter the wrong things broken.

Misconfigurations is not something a protocol can solve.

> My experience is soma pages ar crawling like a snake .. Some ar not
> loading complete at all,
> for me v6 is still not ready to deploy to the masses as at least the
> mentioned flaw is a show stopper

I can find many many sites in IPv4 that are brokenly configured. That
does not make IPv4 broken.

That you find weird excuses that are already solved for well over 15
years of deployment (even 6bone as shut down 10 years ago....)

Maybe, as it is 2016, time to actually start deploying!?


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