|Come on folks, it is 2016! IPv6 is 
|*20 years* old...
But still not matured enough to put on public usage, beside of some design flaw 
it is in some cases even bad implemented

Maybe the isp/hoster/transit provider ned some teaching how to do it the right 

Em 15 de setembro de 2016 06:11:44 AMT, Jeroen Massar <jer...@massar.ch> 
>As there is an upcoming SwiNOG.... lets throw some people under the bus
>before they arrive. Or at least allow them time to come up with more
>Some quotes from Swiss ISPs from the Call Your ISP page:
>  https://www.sixxs.net/wiki/Call_Your_ISP_for_IPv6
>"Currently, as demand for IPv6 is very low, we have no plans to
>introduce IPv6 native.
>"No plans to support IPv6 for our private and SoHo clients"
>"The plan is to move everyone on DSLite."
>"Provider info: IPv6 is "planned" and soon should get a priority
>When that "soon" will be is not yet known."
>"They know what IPV6 is, eventually they will provide it"
>Come on folks, it is 2016! IPv6 is *20 years* old...
>Even Sky.uk was able to get it working[1].
>Oh and note: Dual-stack IPv4 + IPv6, along with a /56 per user.
>It is not that hard to get right.... and yeah, you kinda had 20 years
>already to 'plan' for this....
> Jeroen
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