Just one .. Dropping MTU handling and point to layer7 should handle that doesnt 
let you feel strange ? So how could an app handle packet size thru L4 ? 

My experience is soma pages ar crawling like a snake .. Some ar not loading 
complete at all, 
for me v6 is still not ready to deploy to the masses as at least the mentioned 
flaw is a show stopper

Em 20 de setembro de 2016 02:13:39 AMT, Jeroen Massar <jer...@massar.ch> 
>On 2016-09-19 23:53, Roger Schmid wrote:
>> |Come on folks, it is 2016! IPv6 is
>> |*20 years* old...
>> But still not matured enough to put on public usage
>According to Google 10% of their traffic is IPv6.
>Apple requires it for IOS.
>How is it not 'mature'?
>> beside of some
>> design flaw it is in some cases even bad implemented
>Need more details.
>> Maybe the isp/hoster/transit provider ned some teaching how to do it
>> right way.
>Management of companies need to be convinced. Technical folks typically
>know that they want it, but are not allowed to play with it...
>That is not a technical, but a political issue.
> Jeroen

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