On 2016-09-20 17:30, Jim Romaguera wrote:
> Well the point wasn't a personal purchase point.
> But taking the viewpoint of "someone" who may be deploying / deciding on
> the deployment of IPv6 in the enterprise, BYOD, etc environments.

Various big universities have already been recommending to not buy
Android devices. Those same set have actually a plan to stop allowing
Android on their network.

The thing is Android 'security' does not really exist: 7.x has been out
now for a month, and it does not even show up on the version dashboard:
and the 6.x is from oct 2015, and only has 18% market share.

Now compare that to https://david-smith.org/iosversionstats/
Indeed, IOS10 is about not even a week old and at 25%....

Noting that few folks will be getting 7.x which apparently has some form
of 'security updates' at least.... lets see how that pans out.

For IPv6 though, 7.x is not going to fix the lack of DHCPv6... and all
the others will never ever get it unless manually installed.

> With one in two SmartPhones in CH Android, the advice of telling 50% of
> your customers / users to "go Apple" may not be the best approach for
> convincing such a "someone".

Irrelevant when they are not allowed to join the Wifi.
People will change their devices over time.

Android lifetime is very short anyway due to their lack of security
(stagefright anyone, yep even on 7.x) and updates and people are
catching on to that.

> Seriously, any proposed solutions / approaches (besides requesting
> google to change their mind), that have actually been used somewhere,
> would be welcomed?

Well, you only need to convince 1 person's mind at Google.... noting
that I know many Googlers that hate that that single person is making
that decision for whatever personal reason....

You can try manually installing the WIDE dhcpv6 client on your phone and
repeating that for every phone.

See the bug thread where various folks point out that that just works:


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