On 2016-09-20 14:56, René Gallati wrote:
> I've activate IPv6 in my home network in 2011

2011, thus 5 years after 6bone had shut down and 12 years after RIR
space has been available. Welcome to IPv6! ;)

/me waves at DE-SPACE-19990812 as well, Gert is on this list likely ;)

> [..] neither slowdowns nor slow loading pages.

People who have problems with "slow loading pages" have typically two

 - MTU issues -- typically as somebody misconfigured MTU or
                 ICMPv6 Packet Too Big is filtered

 - DNS recursor that is broken and drops "AAAA" queries
              -- AAAA resolution needs to time out before A query
                 is done and TCP connection is made

Both are configuration/software issues. People have had quite a while to
figure these out and resolve them.... that was the whole point of 6bone...

But come-on that is such a bad excuse in 2016.

Anybody has a proper excuse? :)


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