there is actually one DNS service company providing

Aname records .. basically a records with following an other A Record

the getting notifyed when de A record changes and change the Aname record

the very advantage is faster DNS resolve times and eliminating the need of Cname at all.

and allows even using an Mailserver behind an Dynamic IP

my small input ;)

On 19/02/2018 08:46, Markus Wild wrote:
Hello Ralph

[TL;DR]  ;-)
sorry about that, but it's not about an MX to a CNAME, it's about the domain 
part being resolved
directly via a CNAME (kind of like having a domain-level CNAME to another 
domain, except _THAT_ isn't allowed
due to shadowing NS and SOA records). With something like 
"" they're probably
not breaking that rule though.

When you have time, I'd welcome an answer to my question ;)


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