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    On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 5:57:39 PM EST, Ed Cummings 
<> wrote:  

It behooves all of us to forward John's email message to anyone we thinkwould 
give a good presentation at next year's SWLfest, along with asolicitation and 
encouragement for them to do so.

Sometimes this requires gentle prodding and hand-holding, with anexplanation 
that the SWLfest is an informal, fun event that warmlywelcomes new speakers and 

I've been doing this for several years which has brought several goodspeakers 
to the SWLfest--some of who had never heard of the SWLfest butwho are now 
regular 'festers.  

John and Rich need ALL of us to help bring in good speakers and newattendees 
for the SWLfest to survive and thrive.  We will ALLbenefit from this.  It's 
really up to all of us.

Typically, John and Rich receive more talk submissions than there's timeto 
present, so they have to vet them all and pick the best ones eachyear--which is 
a lot of work.

I've already reached out to some new people about speaking at next 
year'sSWLfest.  I hope you do the same!


-Ed Cummings

At 05:14 PM 11/15/2017, Sal Fili wrote:


I would say that the fact that I received this email is a pretty goodclue that 
you have my email address on file.

On the other hand, if you don't have someone's email on file, then howare they 
supposed to receive this message and respond to your request toprovide their 
email address?

So either you have my email address and therefore I received this messageso 
there is no need to respond with my email address, or you don't havemy email 
address and I never receive this message and do not know youneed my email 
address, which will net you zero additional email addressesfor your records.

Unless of course there is someone in this mailing loop who knows of alike 
minded individual whose email address they believe you don't have,but they do, 
and forwards this message to them.

But, you neglected to ask your readers to do that.

Just sayin'

On Wednesday,November 15, 2017, 4:58:56 PM EST, John 
Figliozzi<> wrote: 

Yes, it’s (already!) that time of the year again.

We invite one and all to be a part of the 2018 Winter SWL Fest on 
March 1, 2 and 3 at the Doubletree Guest Suites in fashionable 
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. That's just 105 days away as I typethis.  

This will be the 31st such annual gathering and due to populardemand
we have added an extra half day, opening the event on Thursday 
afternoon and continuing through all of Friday and Saturday. Detailsand
background info from<>.

One of the centerpieces of the Fest weekend is our line-up of informative
and entertaining forums.  How do we get them? These  excellentsessions 
are put together and presented by you and people just like you—people
with a deep and abiding interesst in radio and a willingness to sharewhat 
they've experienced, learned and know.

So, how about it?  Have you a topic that you think Festparticipants  
will find interesting and would be willing to present?  Tell usabout it. If
you’ve already contacted us, chances are we have your e-mail onfile.
However, chances are also that we don’t.  So, please re-contact usat
this time just to make sure.

Your role will be to lead a one hour session forum.  Thatmeans  
preparing about a half-hour presentation that leaves plenty of time 
for audience questions and interaction.  It cLOGNULLNowTransReader::ReadIt() 
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JJFileMT::Truncate(0) an be anything from a
serious (or comic) lecture (or both) to a multimedia extravaganza.
Your choice!

And as a gesture of appreciation (and perhaps some measure of small 
compensation for your efforts), the Fest will comp yourregistration  
fee if your proposal is accepted by the Organizing Committee (which 
consists of Rich Cuff, yours truly and a Magic 8 Ball we found inRich’s 
attic when looking for old Fest printed programs and giveaways.  Weare
seeking your help in fashioning a balanced and diverse line-up oftopics
and speakers.

Make your suggestion/proposal to John Figliozzi at<>    
If you have any questions, we'll be happy to discuss them with you. And
even if you've never led a forum before, don't hesitate.  We'velearned 
that people tend to unfairly and inaccurately minimize their ownabilities.  
We know you'll  be great...but you have to  let us in on whatyou're thinking!  
We promise a quick turnaround on your proposal once we are able to 
survey the field.

Be a part of the 2018 Winter SWL Fest program!

73 and 88 to the Ladies (with due apologies to Ian McFarland)
John Figliozzi
Richard Cuff
2018 Winter SWL Fest (and apparently for life) Co-Chairs
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