At 11:37 AM 11/17/2017, janice laws wrote:

> I would really like to hear Paul Kaltenbach from ABC, dont know if this email gets to him, ...

Janice, perhaps Richard Cuff or John Figliozzi has Paul Kaltenbach's email address, since Paul was a SWLfest speaker a few years ago. Maybe one of them can forward your email to Paul, or give his email address to you.

I found Paul's SWLfest talk about broadcast engineering in conflict zones fascinating and informative, and would love to for him to do another SWLfest talk next year.

If nobody else wants to reach out to Paul to ask him if he'd be willing and able to speak at the 2018 SWLfest, I'd be happy to do that if nobody objects. (Of course, I'd need his email address to do that ;-)

-Ed Cummings
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