*Ed, I use the simple poor man's method of making Faraday cages. A dead microwave oven is one and the other is a metal garbage can lined with foam, a tight lid and metal tape around the joint when the lid is in place. Both were hauled into town and a friend who is cellphone crazy helped me test them. A cellphone placed inside refused to receive calls and also a radio refused to work inside once things were sealed up. I'll always believe it works till it doesn't.*

*                       John*

On 3/11/2018 1:40 PM, Ed Cummings wrote:
I'd really like to see a SWLfest talk next year about emergency backup AC and DC power, and voltage spike suppression (local and whole-house.)

Maybe even a segment about how to cheaply shield backup radios and other electronics from destruction by a coronal mass ejection (CME) like the Carrington Event or an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

There's plenty to cover here that applies to all of us whose passion for reliable access to information brought us together. Last weekend's SWLfest extended power outage was a reality check for us, but it's also a good opportunity to prepare better for such things in the future.

Who in our group is most qualified and willing to present a talk on these topics next year?


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