Sorry I didn't make it to the fest.

Re emergency power, I have been buying APC UPS units since 1987. (I was
introduced to them through work, installing them on 50-odd PC computer
installations in all types of state facilities scattered in all counties.)
I've used them on my telephone BBS and PCs over the years and find the APC
brand extraordinarily durable and reliable.

Now that I don't need a (or want) desktop PC any more, I just have two
units. I have a small one to keep a radio from losing its preset memories
if the power blips and outages of ~2 hours and a larger 1000VA unit to keep
the Comcast router and a VZW range extender on line. The March 7 snow storm
brought down ~12 trees (some on the house) and we lost power for ~12 hours.
The UPS kept us on line for ~9 hours.

The APC units are now sold by Schneider Electric (
and readily available from outlets like Staples. My older unit is now known
as the BR1000G (1000VA); the BR1500G (1500VA) wasn't available then.

After ~6 years I replaced the battery in the 1000VA for about 40% of the
cost of the new unit. It included overnight delivery to here, and a free
return box for the old battery.

For the smartphone and tablets, I have Morphie rechargeable batteries that
will reup the charges several times over.

Batteries for a couple of headlamps, the SONY SW-7600GR and another
portable radio complete my needs.

I didn't mean to make this to read as a commercial, but the point is a
decent-size UPS can protect against brownouts, power surges (think
lightning strikes) and power losses.

On Mar 11, 2018 1:16 PM, "ggjn" <> wrote:

But be careful.

When talking gas-powered generators.

With the recent power outages here in the Merrimack Valley,  a couple in
Methuen suffered CO poisoning – the husband died,  wife in critical
condition,  cat died,  dog survived.

Long story short = couple had two generators running IN THE HOUSE.
Apparently there was no CO (carbon monoxide) alarm active there.

A few years ago – a family in Plaistow NH died because their CO monitor was
going off.   What a nuisance,  right?   So they pulled the battery out of
it,  no alarm, no problem?   They all died.


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Eric's seminar suggestion is a good one.  Related is surge suppression; a
discussion of whole house (shack) surge suppression would also be very


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