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> vending=public_transport_plans

Sounds like a long term ticket, though I would call it a pass. 

Most students here in Japan use 3 month passes between 2 stations designated on 
their pass (digital or paper ones; Pasmo cards in Japan are these) and have to 
repurchased or renewed for another time period. This is separate from the 
"debit card" style of pre-paid cards (like a Suica card in Japan or a BART 
ticket in San Fran) that track money for individual fares. They are time based 
tickets that has unlimited use over a time (usually over a month) for a chosen 
route - so buying one is different than buying a single-use ticket. 

I can see the use of "plan" (as it is a monthly, sessional, or yearly 
contract), but I have never heard it referred to as that. I would choose 
public_transport_long_term_pass or similar, but if it is in use and eventually 
documented and supported by mapping apps, then it should be fine. 

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