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> On 3. Sep 2017, at 19:01, Thilo Haug <> wrote:
> How would you then avoid "multivalues" ?
> For example for brand=*
> If a shop sells several brands (Honda;Yamaha;Suzuki;BMW;KTM),
> how would you tag this ?

Yes, you can't avoid multiple values here, but it's not a big problem here 
either, because it's clear it's a list of brands.

It's different when you tag 
clothes=women;workwear (how it's currently done) because you don't know if that 
means workwear for women or workwear (for all genders) and clothes for women.

> In the clothes example, we could certainly split the characteristics up in
> clothes:for=men/women/children
> clothes:material=fur/leather/fabric/denim
> clothes:type=fashion/sports/work/wedding

yes, something like this is much better than a simple "clothes" key where it 
remains unclear what kind of property should go there.

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