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> On 2. Sep 2017, at 10:58, Rafael Avila Coya <> wrote:
> As for shop=boutique, it's crystal clear that it's making more harm than 
> good. You only have to do an overpass over different cities in francophone 
> Africa and you will see the mess...

just because a tag isn't used as it should in a certain area of the world 
doesn't mean the tag doesn't work. You could say (or have said) the same for 
Looking at areas with relatively recent/ still kind of immature mapping (few 
active on the ground mappers, etc.) also doesn't prove anything. Once a problem 
is detected you can work to solve it, e.g. write to the individual mappers from 
your overpass query results above, improve the french wiki: (btw: it doesn't 
explicitly say it is limited to clothes, neither in French nor in English), etc.

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