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> On 2. Sep 2017, at 10:58, Rafael Avila Coya <> wrote:
> So if you have a shop that is "fashion" and women only, you could tag it as
> shop=clothes
> clothes=women;fashion

this isn't semantically clear, it could just as well mean clothes for women and 
fashion. What about clothes=bridal;fur, does this mean bridal clothes in fur? 
There are many different kinds of things and properties in the clothes tag, 
which would require multivalues and lead to ambiguities if we'd continue this 
"system", because you don't know if it's "AND" or "OR".
 it's unclear what property "clothes" is describing, e.g. "women", "men", 
"babies", "kids" are orthogonal to "fur", "leather", "denim", are orthogonal to 
"underwear", "hats" are orthogonal to "sports", "wedding", "workwear", are 
orthogonal to "traditional", "fashion" - while others are a mix ("bridal" or 
"lingerie" imply women and exclude men, kids, babies).

It's also inconsistent to map shoe shops with their own top level tag, but hats 
shops or wedding shops not. I surely wouldn't lump specialized shops like a 
bridal shop together with generic clothing shops and distinguish them only in a 
subtag, that's absurd, because nobody will want to find the bridal shop in his 
search results when s/he wants to buy clothes - unless it's for your own 
wedding, which typically is very infrequently, and for which you'd likely will 
search specifically.

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