Here in Australia, I would consider “Costco” to be a “shop”. And they name 
themselves as “Costco Wholesale”. While they do require a membership, that 
membership is open to anyone without restrictions. Except for the need of a 
membership (which they happily sell you for 60 bucks the first time you come 
buy) there is no appreciable difference between shopping at Costco or any other 
retailer. (And people use the term shopping or grocery shopping in relation to 
going to Costco.)


I personally think that “shop=wholesale” is a reasonable tag for Costcos in 
Australia (and I think the same applies in the US, membership open to anyone 
without restrictions. Same for Sam’s Club and others I think).





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2018-02-28 15:49 GMT+01:00 Philip Barnes < 
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Wholesale primarily sells to trade customers, rather than retail. 

Many will refuse to sell to normal retail customers.

indeed. Now, this conflict doesn't seem to interest many people, besides you 
there was only one commenter here. Any more opinions how to handle it? Would we 
better "kick out" wholesale from shop or change the definition for shop? 



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