Where I live in rural Colorado, many of the roads have 3 names. The
county designated one like "CR 2", but often have an alternate name
everyone uses like "Corkscrew Gulch Road", and then many have a US
Forest Service designation like "FS 729.2B". I usually use the common
name as the 'name' tag, and the USFS designation as the 'alt_name' tag.
I kindof would like to include the county name as well. I do see a lot
of roads use 'name_1', but that gets flagged often by validation. So my
question is, how to I tag all three road names appropriately ?

  As a fire-fighter, all 3 names get used all depending on there the
incident report comes from, so we need to know them all. Us old
responders of course know everywhere, but I'm trying to help the new
generation in our department be effective in our huge remote district,
cause we're all retiring...

  Minor note. All of our fire apparatus have a 10" Android tablet
mounted to the dash that runs OsmAnd (of course), and we use offline
navigation heavily, which is where the road names become important.
Using Open Data has decreased our response time, and on occasion, saved
somebody's life.

        - rob -

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