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> F Street and 1st Street (usually written out as First Street, though
> this depends on the local standards) are a common name, which goes in
> the name field.

It can also be regionally dependent.  Oklahoma got a lot of "East 820 Road"
type names, but in reality it should be ref=CR E820 instead.   TIGER is the
most notorious source for this bogosity, and the counties themselves aren't
super consistent themselves, so you'll see some with the five point blue
county signs, some that use standard street blades and list the road
numbers, and some that literally paint the route numbers on the pavement at
each intersection, regional knowledge is required to get the context right,
especially since you'll get some that TIGER imported with like:

name=East 820 Road
name_1=Cemetery Road
name_2=River Road.

Rearrange the multiple values randomly.  It's pretty obvious to tell which
is going to be the county road number.  Which name it is gets a little
tricker; sometimes it was originally one then it changed to another,
sometimes it's none of those besides the county road number, sometimes it's
the county road number and another, fourth value for the name from a more
recent renaming.
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