On 8/18/19 9:41 AM, Paul Allen wrote:

> Assuming that "CR 2" is a name and not a ref, one possibility that 
> springs to mind, and which will no doubt be highly controversial is

  Yes, it's county designated name. It's gets messier than that, as
sometimes "CR 2" might include multiple other road segments, all with
different names common and USFS names. We prefer the common name or the
USFS name, but I have no control over what Dispatch gives us.

> name=CR 2 / Corkscrew Gulch Road / FS 729.2B alt_name=CR 2; Corkscrew
> Gulch Road; FS 729.2B

> If you have several name or several ref, you can use the “;”
> separator
  Ah, I've used that elsewhere, didn't think about it for road names.
The problem though is since the name gets displayed, too many long road
names obscures the map. I've had similar problems with house addresses
in the more densely populated areas. When I produce a KML file from OSM
data, I put all the names in the description popup. That works in GPS
map apps, but not in OsmAnd. Plus I wonder if that would break routing...

        - rob -

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