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> for several names it is common to use variations of the name tag, like
> alt_name reg_name etc.

Yep.  And in many cases those, along with loc_name, may be the best way to
handle it.  But
only name (and ref, if used) get rendered by some carto systems.  In the
situation described,
it might be useful to abuse/misuse name a little.  Technically, name=A;B is
valid, but
semi-colons can be hard to make out, so name = A / B might be preferred by
some (and
castigated by others).  Repeating those names with alt_name=A;B means that
search facilities will be able to locate both names.

I think I have a comparable situation in my town.  I've yet to investigate
more fully, but it
appears there are a couple of residential roads where the official address
for houses
on one side is A Street and for houses on the other side is B Avenue.  Yes,
I know about
name:left and name:right, but they don't help somebody scanning the map for
B Avenue
if it's rendered as A Street.  I'm hoping I've misunderstood the situation
and further
investigation will show that isn't the case, but I'm not hopeful.

Real life is messy. :(

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