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>   Where I live in rural Colorado, many of the roads have 3 names. The
> county designated one like "CR 2", but often have an alternate name
> everyone uses like "Corkscrew Gulch Road", and then many have a US
> Forest Service designation like "FS 729.2B". I usually use the common
> name as the 'name' tag, and the USFS designation as the 'alt_name' tag.
> I kindof would like to include the county name as well. I do see a lot
> of roads use 'name_1', but that gets flagged often by validation. So my
> question is, how to I tag all three road names appropriately ?

Assuming that "CR 2" is a name and not a ref, one possibility that springs
to mind,
and which will no doubt be highly controversial is

    name=CR 2 / Corkscrew Gulch Road / FS 729.2B
    alt_name=CR 2; Corkscrew Gulch Road; FS 729.2B

Ugly and probably breaks many explicit and implicit rules.  You'll no doubt
find out
all the ways it is a bad idea very shortly.

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