On Fri, 10 Jan 2020 at 04:22, Florian Lohoff <f...@zz.de> wrote:
> OTOH in the dense urban areas you have the problem of Address for road A
> nearer to Road B. So you get navigated to the wrong spot on the road
> network. This view is generated with the OSRM Car profile and mapping
> all addr:* objects with the "nearest" function and comparing the highway
> name and the addr:street. If both are "filled" and non equal -> fail.
> https://osm.zz.de/dbview/?db=addresses-owl&layer=namemismatch#51.98848,8.49342,18z

In the example of Cheruskerstraße 125a, how is it actually reached?
Esri satellite imagery seems to suggest it's actually reached from Zum
Alten Hammer. The tool flags this as a problem because of street name
mismatch but it actually appears correct.

In the case of Cheruskerstraße 107g it looks like by far the easiest
way to solve it is for the router to take footways into account. Or I
guess we could create a new tag for "motor vehicle stop location to
get to a given address" to work around router shortcomings...?

Same with your later example of bicycle routing not checking for
barriers like rivers and removing ways with access=private. That seems
a lot easier to fix with software than by reorganizing the database.
But then I'm not a router developer.


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