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> On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 12:37:21PM +0100, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> > For big buildings/POIs mapped as areas, I would expect the routing engine
> > to bring me to the main entrance, or if not available, any entrance.

> It doesnt. It generates a centroid of the area, searches for the nearest
> road for that POINT. Routing is always to a POINT so you need to map
> an area to a point. How do you achieve that?

yes, the problem is with too stupid routing software. Routing to the
nearest street of a centroid works well for small areas but can completely
fail for big ones.

Heuristics will solve 90% for you - Normal buildings and a single

> street.  This is what we have. How do you solve the rest of the 10%?
> This is what i was talking about. Huge areas, Multiple Entrances,
> Multiple Parking lots with different refs etc. You'd like to say -
> "I'd like to go to Mall A" and the Nav Software asks "Parking West or
> Parking North". How do you link that information?

> How do you link the reception of a campsite to the area of the campsite?

it is already linked spatially. What you have to do is map the campsite as
area and map the reception within this area. Similarly for the parkings.
Routing software should solve this contextually. If I am walking I want to
be led to the main entrance (or given the choice which entrance), while
when I am driving I will typically want a parking. A parking must not
necessarily be inside the area, it can also be close by.

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