For big buildings/POIs mapped as areas, I would expect the routing engine
to bring me to the main entrance, or if not available, any entrance. I also
have seen similar problems, for example with the biggest airport in Rome:
Routing starts about 8 kilometers off the entrance and terminal buildings:

Route to the actual entrance:

I agree it will require more complicated heuristics to solve problems of
this kind (e.g. a router could know, like a human does, that in an airport
you want to arrive at the terminal, and not in front of a security fence at
the closest point to some arbitrary "centre point"). IMHO the solution to
the problem is not adding an address as a point (if it applies to a big
area), but rather giving additional information (because where exactly you
want to arrive may also depend on where inside the feature you want to go,
so there won't be a single answer many of the times).

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