> OTOH in the dense urban areas you have the problem of Address for road A
> nearer to Road B. So you get navigated to the wrong spot on the road
> network.

I don't understand what this has to do with addresses on buildings vs.
nodes. I would expect that an address is converted to coordinates. Then a
route is created to get as close as possible to that point, regardless of
the street names.
So yes, if the router does not take services roads, footpaths etc. into
account (or when they are not mapped), you might end up in the wrong

IMHO, this also does not matter for POIs with an address on a building. The
satnav should take the coordinates of the POI, not the centre of the
building in which it is placed. Taking the centre of the (large) building
might lead to problems.

So yes, one should try to map as many service roads, paths, internal
corridors as possible to help routers. And yes, the coordinates taken by
the router for the endpoint are important.
but is this caused by addresses on buildings vs. on nodes ? no, not always,
e.g for (apartment) buildings with multiple entrances with only address
info on the building, it can go wrong. Not for small detached family houses.


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