I found that this problem has a solution for relation route=piste (snow
sports) with the key piste:type=*

Three of you have proposed to use like for piste relation a single new key
to precise the subtype of the a route
Joost Schouppe with: function=recreational/practical
Marc Marc with: usage=tourism/transport
Richard with: route_type=*

I proposed multi-tags like tourism/commute/road_bike/mtb=yes, though I'm
not confident with this scheme.
Tags can conflict with already defined tags (tourism), or a vehicle type
which could misinterpret as access tags (road_bike and mtb).

So I propose to use for bicycle route
That can be distinguish by looking at the signposts, or board, or the kind
of people (or their bike) who use the route.
If necessary semicolon can be used to for multiple bicycle:type though I
guess that'd be rare.

For other relations I don't know, I don't map or use them much. However I
guess that road relation can have a road:type=* tag also.

What do you think ?

Florimond Berthoux
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