On 19/11/20 6:59 am, Tom Pfeifer wrote:
With the first Covid-19 vaccines getting approved, many municipalities are planning facilities for administering mass vaccination. In Berlin, the two former airports Tegel and Tempelhof are planned,
along with some sports facilities.

This raises the question for appropriate tagging.

In Australia, and I would think a portion of the world, there are yearly vaccinations for the flu. We don't tag them as they are available from the local GP/doctor and even some pharmacies in Australia, so they are 'expected'.

The  existing facilities cope with the yearly flue vaccine though I hope the participation rates are better for the COVID vaccine.

COVID testing centers have also been setup ... but these are usually in place for short periods of time and then move or are disbanded waiting for the next problem area to occur. Being short term they don't go into OSM.

How  long are these mass vaccination centers going to operate for?

I would assume the location of these mass vaccination centers would be widely publicized and the locations identified. Do they need further identification within OSM?

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