From it seems that those should be replaced by cuisine=italian etc.

Le 8/08/2017 à 05:48, Marc Gemis a écrit :
ps. look at taginfo:
reataurant:type:it is used 629 times. That was another source of
inspiration for me.
But it doesn't fit for amenity=pub. There is 1 pub:type:it though.


On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 5:45 AM, Marc Gemis <> wrote:
But unlike a real pub (a "café"  in Dutch and French - or "bruine
kroeg"), you can get a decent meal in a brasserie, or  ice cream,
pancakes around 4pm etc. So the focus is much more on food imho.
So are you suggesting that amenity=pub; food=yes is better ?

the description tag is very general, but could be used. However, I
want something like the school:FR-tag. I believe that such a tag (or
tags) would make it easier for apps to allow the user to search in
their native language. It's my feeling that information gets lost by
translating bistro, taverne, brasserie, etc. to amenity=pub +
food=yes. (or amenity=restaurant).

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 12:38 AM, marc marc <> wrote:
Thomas Bertels <> wrote:
  > A brasserie is "a small, informal restaurant that serves beer
  > and wine as well as simple food"
  > So should it be tagged as
  > - amenity=restaurant cuisine=brasserie (emphasis on food)?
  > - amenity=pub food=yes (emphasis on drinks)?
  > - amenity=brasserie?

For me, a "brasserie" in Belgium is not a restaurant (I didn't go to a
restaurant at 06:00pm to drink a beer as you can do with a "brasserie")

Le 07. 08. 17 à 13:01, Marc Gemis a écrit :
I typically tag them as amenity=restaurant.
somebody create a wiki page yesterday describing your opinion as the
advice to follow.
If it is your edit, at least it would be useful to wait for several
opinions before claiming that your opinion is the way to follow.
If it isn't yours, my remark applies to the one who created it

I also add a tag restaurant:type:NL or horeca:type:NL (I know both are
bad, undocumented tags) in which I place the "type" as indicated on
the building.
sorry I don't understand the mean of this tag
did you mean it is like a description in one word using what's written
on the wall of the building ? why not the description tag ?
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