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Based on it seems that a brasserie is a café that serves simple food, and hence the manager doesn't need to be a professional cook:
Vous ne devez pas avoir un accès à la profession Restaurateurs et Traiteurs-organisateurs de banquets à condition de n'offrir que de la petite restauration (potages, croques et toutes sortes de toasts, croquettes, à l’exception de croquettes de pommes de terre, vol-au-vent, boudins noirs et boudins blancs, brochettes grilles, pains fourrés, hamburgers, hot-dogs, pittas et croissants, pâtes, pizzas, quiches ou autres tartes sales, salades froides, assiettes anglaises, œufs prépares, desserts (notamment des crêpes, des glaces, des gaufres, des gâteaux, des brioches, des yaourts et des milk-shakes). Ces repas légers ne peuvent être servis qu’avec du pain.
This category applies too to the "restaurants" that serve only pizzas (pizzerias), pitas, hamburgers... except french fries ("à l’exception de croquettes de pommes de terre").

Currently, amenity=pub food=yes seems to be the most used.

I've noticed that some places are called "Restaurant-Brasserie", and those don't just serve simple foods, but also classic restaurant foods.

So we should probably differentiate them based on that (at least in Belgium):

- The "Brasserie" ones could be tagged as amenity=pub food=yes (although pub has an Anglo-Saxon connotation, which is to be expected given the UK origin of osm).

- The "Restaurant-Brasserie" ones could be tagged as amenity=restaurant, but something is needed to specify that it's opened not just during classic hours (or do we just always add opening_hours?) and that we can drink without eating (so basically that it's also a café).

In addition to brasserie, bistro and taverne, there's also izakaya <> in Japan. So I guess all of these could be tagged as amenity=pub food=yes?

Le 8/08/2017 à 19:12, Glenn Plas a écrit :
cuisine described the food served, not the restaurant type.

The wiki is quite clear on that

So I quite agree with Marc that putting brasserie as this key's value is
not a description of the food being served.


I'm not sure whether I like the cuisine=brasserie. Do all the
brasseries serve the same type food ? Can't you have a brasserie that
is only serving fish dishes, or meat or vegetarian or a combination ?
Can you expect the same food from a brasserie in Belgium and France ?

as for amenity=brasserie (and amenity=tavern) I fear that is a useless
tag, as long as the data consumers will not start using it.
What about the Danish Kro ? should they use amenity=tavern as well ?

Furthermore what is the difference between a brasserie, bistro,
taverne, eetcafe ? (I see Thomas has an explanation for brasserie)


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