On 11/10/2016 12:36, John Aldridge wrote:
In most cases that involves filling in addr:postcode and fhrs:id on existing OSM features. I'm not, however, trusting that the postcode recorded on FHRS is accurate, and I'm not setting addr:postcode unless I can find corroborating information (e.g. the establishment's web site).

A way I found to test the validity of post codes is to use Potlatch 2 'task' feature. It uses the co-ordinates from the FHRS data, which are derived from post code's centroid to pan to the location. If it's looks suspicious (I've had one in the middle of a lake) then it needs further verification from the establishments website. I believe there's a JOSM plugin that that performs similarly.

I'm collating any erroneous data to pass back to the local authority.

Dave F.

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