Barbara, like you, I have a Canon printer.  It is a rather high-end one
though used primarily at work.  I don't have a printer at home, although I
am in dire need of one that's portable enough to stick in a laptop bag since
I am always running after myself <LOL>!  And I want to stay away from
inkjets, I am tired and sick of having to buy inks every other day.

I use Word 2007 still and I don't have problems printing envelopes.  I did
have difficulties getting it inserted correctly, but, I called Canon Tech
Support, explained the situation and, right on, they were extremely helpful!
Patiently, they explained to me how to lay the envelope inside the printer.
It was as if the support tech was standing next to me.  I'd therefore
suggest you call Canon Tech Support at:

800-652-2666 and follow the prompts.

On another list I frequent, I don't recall which one now amongst many,
someone posted info about an envelope printing program which I downloaded.
It's a ZIP file, hopefully not too big a file to send your way.  Sorry, I'm
not into DropBox, else I'd have placed it there.  

If you send me a private note, I'd be glad to search for this program file
and send it your way to play with.  

Denver, Colorado

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