The method I use for printing an envelope is quite simple and works like a charm once it is set up. However, a pair of eyes is required at the start to position the address correctly.

Save a blank page in Word and call it something like, business envelope.docx. If you have a used envelope of the size you wish to use, then the sited person can measure the top and left margins so similar margins can be set in the blank document.

Insert an address and print it on to the size envelope you wish to use. You'll probably have to adjust the top and left margins a few times until you get it right. Make sure you save the document with the altered margins regularly.

To use,
1. just select and copy the required address from your document,

2. open a new document and load the file with the altered margins.

3. paste the address into the document and print.

A different document could be set up for each envelope size you wish to use.

Of course, this can be streamlined considerably if you can reccord a macro to do all the hard work.

A macro I wrote quite some time ago does the following once the cursor is placed on the first line of the address to be used:

Moves the cursor to the left, selects the lines of the address and copies them to the clipboard, opens a new document, loads the altered blank file, pastes the address and changes the text to upper case.

I have found that each time the printer is changed, the margins need to be reset.

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