We have also mechanism for area routing but, that's true graphs are 
easier..   Dnia 10 sierpnia 2018 13:52 Tom Pfeifer 
<t.pfei...@computer.org> napisał(a):  On 10.08.2018 13:20, djakk djakk 
wrote:  No, all highways are areas :) Mapping them as a line is a manual 
generalization ;)   1., yes. 2., no, it is a mental abstraction, necessary to 
apply the mathematical graph theory for  routing.   On 10.08.2018 12:02, Tomasz 
Wójcik wrote:  > ... it looks like highway=* + area=yes isn't incorrect, 
it's just not documented.   As said before, it was documented already on 
the area=* page. It might need to be more explicit on  the highway pages.   tom 
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