On 11/08/18 07:02, Andrew Harvey wrote:
> No, all highways are areas :) Mapping them as a line is a manual generalization ;)

Yes, but you're mapping the road centerline, which isn't a generalization but a real world feature.

Mapping the path of a highway as a 'way' is a generalization. This can be extended by adding additional tags to describe all the fine detail such as width, number of lanes, associated cycle and footpaths, and so on, but this is a simplification to the actual fine detail. I'll repeat what I said, 'highway' SHOULD only be attached to a way and not to areas so that we have the simplification for lower resolutions of the data. ADDING areas to map the fine detail that is associated with the information also contained in the additional tags should be tagged by association and not by adding additional 'highway' tags to the areas. IN THAT CASE area=yes could be used to identify that there are associated area objects that can be used on higher resolution mapping. I don't think 'area:highway=' has place especially where the 'centerline' way is used to combine several highway=xxx types such as road,cycleway and footpath ...

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