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BR> Monday, December 25, 2006, 12:57:19 PM, Maxim wrote:

>>   BayesIt will be removed from The Bat! Home and Professional MSI.
>> This means that when you will install a new MSI of The Bat!, it will
>> remove BayesIt. To keep BayesIt preserved, please install
>> bayesit.msi before or after installing the new The Bat! MSI.

BR> ...

BR> My question has to do with the spam filtering plugin - I have started
BR> to use the free version of Spam Sniper for TB.  I have not used
BR> BayesIt.  Does one of you long time TB users have reasons for or
BR> against using either of those two plugins?

I have been using BayesIt for a while, until I found AntiSpamSniper. I
wouldn't want to go back. :)

AntiSpamSniper is more accurate and learns better. I use the free
version, as I don't need (or want to run the risk of) deleting the
spam on the server before downloading. I disabled BayesIt on my
previous installations each time. :)


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