Hello Ethan, 

>> https://www.ritlabs.com/download/files3/the_bat/beta/tb9.2.0.1-x64.7z

>> [!] HTML engine is set to solely Chromium (CEF library)

> This took a few attempts to get it work.

> All of my short cuts were broken.

That's because your shortcuts were configured to start in a directory different 
to the one where thebat*.exe resides. I guess we need to play with CEF settings 
and maybe even move it to its own separate directory

> Based  on  the  current conversation, how would I know if I have the most 
> current CEF
> library loaded in my system?

Currently, CEF is not a kind of package which is automatically gets to user 
systems (I guess some day it will be distributed like that, but today it's not 
the case). So, we are going to distribute CEF as  a part of The Bat! package 
starting from the next release.

Best regards,
Stefan Tanurkov

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