Hello Stefan,

My install of is working just fine with your "fix download". The only 
problem I initially encountered was the icon pinned to the task bar needed to 
be replaced.

But I use MailWasher Pro to pre-load and remove spam before downloading to TB. 
When MP tries to open TB I get the long list of CEF Binaries Missing error 
message. I changed the mail program settings in MP and my default WIN mail 
program for 10-15 minutes. After rebooting I changed the default WIN mail 
program back to TB and set MP to open TB. The CEF Binaries Missing error 
continued when MP tried to open TB. There was/is no problem opening TB directly.

Best regards,
 Richard                            mailto:newmangroup....@gmail.com
Using The Bat!  v9.2.0.1 (BETA) 64 bit on  Windows v10 18363 
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