Hello Ira,

I'd guess you need to ren "the BAt" in it's own folder soyou should try 
pointing mailwasher to the start menu shortcut instead of The Bat exectable, or 
making a shortcut in The Bat folder that points to the exe and is set to start 
in that folder.
Thanks for your creative guess. MailWasher doesn't seem to allow one to "point" 
to the email program; it seems to pick it up from listings in WIN10. Since 
writing about the MailWasher program I found that using email links in my 
browser (FireFox) to email an article brings up the same errors as it attempts 
to load TB. 
Hence, I suspect that the answer lies in making the CEF Library more 
universally embedded in the system before the system tries to load TB or 
somehow allow TB  to call the library before it attempts to load. Either of 
which is beyond my capabilities. 

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Best regards,
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