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>>>> In the year or so that I have been using TB, I have noticed that
>>>> occasionally the autocomplete function fails to find an address book
>>>> entry. For instance, I may have an entry for Chris Smith and when I
>>>> enter "Chris S" in the address line, it will find Chris Sinclair,
>>>> Chris Stone but not Chris Smith. Using Ctrl-= to cycle through entries
>>>> doesn't help.
> The default shortcuts (see Alt-F12) are <ctrl>= and <ctrl>- for
> searching the address book forward and backward, respectively.

Okay, those work as expected then.

> Does "Chris Smith" display that way or does it display as "Smith,
> Chris" or "Chris J Smith"?

Chris Smith displays as "Chris Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>".
If I use the address book icon to select Chris Smith, and then delete
the address until only "Chris S" remains, and then search through the
address book with <Ctrl>= or <Ctrl>-, autocomplete finds Chris
Sinclair and Chris Stone, but not Chris Smith.

As I noted previously, if I delete the Chris Smith entry and the
recreate an identical entry, autocomplete then finds it as it should.
Up until recently that would be the end of it, and I would have no
further problem with that address book entry.

But over the last two or three weeks, within this particular group of
8 addressbook entries the problem occurs with address book entries
that had previously been found through autocomplete. Furthermore,
fixing an entry (by recreating it) does not mean it will stay fixed.

In case it is useful - the group (called Rosetta) is in the address
book Current Projects and is set up to hide items if not explictly
selected. No other options are selected, the distinctive handle is
also Rosetta, and there are no group templates.


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