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>> In the year or so that I have been using TB, I have noticed that
>> occasionally the autocomplete function fails to find an address book
>> entry. For instance, I may have an entry for Chris Smith and when I
>> enter "Chris S" in the address line, it will find Chris Sinclair,
>> Chris Stone but not Chris Smith. Using Ctrl-= to cycle through entries
>> doesn't help.
> I would have thought it is crtl-+. Does that help?

Interesting - I checked the TB help pages and it says that

"You can type a part of the name of a person and then press
<Ctrl+Plus>. This will fill in the address using the first address in
the Address Book which part matches the address you have begun typing.
Press <Ctrl+Plus> again to retrieve the next and subsequent matches."

However on my system <Ctrl+=> cycles through addresses, <Ctrl+Plus>,
which is <Ctrl+Shift+=> (at least on my keyboard) does not.

And no, unfortunately it doesn't solve my problem! :(


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