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> Robin Anson, [RA] wrote:
RA>> However recently the problem has become worse. I have set up a group
RA>> of 8 people in one of my address books and each day I find the
RA>> autocomplete function is unable to find one of these entries. The
RA>> strange thing is that autocomplete had no problem finding the exact
RA>> same entry previously.
> I've seen this on the odd occasion.
> Each time, I noted that the e-mail address was duplicated in the entries
> properties. I delete one of them and am back in business. I haven't been
> able to tell what causes the duplication.

Hmm, in my case each of the address book entries (that can't be found
by autocomplete) looks fine and when I re-enter it I enter exactly the
same details. However it is true that duplicating the address book
entry (eg copying it to another address book and then moving it back
again) does _not_ resolve the problem.


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