ON Wednesday, July 9, 2003, 4:18:46 AM, you wrote:
RA> Chris Smith displays as "Chris Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>".
RA> If I use the address book icon to select Chris Smith, and then delete
RA> the address until only "Chris S" remains, and then search through the
RA> address book with <Ctrl>= or <Ctrl>-, autocomplete finds Chris
RA> Sinclair and Chris Stone, but not Chris Smith.

RA> As I noted previously, if I delete the Chris Smith entry and the
RA> recreate an identical entry, autocomplete then finds it as it should.
RA> Up until recently that would be the end of it, and I would have no
RA> further problem with that address book entry.

Hi Robin,

Is it possible that <ctr> function searches the addressbook but exludes
the names inthe recent history list because those should have already
have shown?

Just a guess.

Best regards,
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