I just tracked down an annoying bug in Jacl... the classloader could not
found a /tcl/lang/library/init.tcl resource, so the interpreter refused
to start.

The Interp had been trying to load resources from the system
classloader, not the classloader which loaded tcl.lang.Interp:

--- Interp.java.orig    Mon May 22 16:42:51 2000
+++ Interp.java Tue May 23 18:39:13 2000
@@ -2445,7 +2445,7 @@ throws 
     InputStream stream = null;
     try {
-       stream = Class.class.getResourceAsStream(resName);
+       stream = getClass().getResourceAsStream(resName);
     } catch (SecurityException e2) {
        // This catch is necessary if Jacl is to work in an applet
         // at all. Note that java::new will not work from within Jacl

Jeff Sturm

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