Well, if I use the Java package, then the Tcl code would not have access to
the same run-time instance of the JVM that our code is running in, right?
(starting our Java code from Tcl is, unfortunetly, not an option.) Or am I
missing something here?

My assumption was that starting a Tcl interpreter from within a given JVM
would cause the Tcl Blend package on the Tcl side to use the existing JVM
and not create a new one. My goal is to:

        1. start n number of Tcl interpreters from a Java application (n usually 1
or 2)
        2. load and execute a Tcl script from within Java
        3. load and *debug* a Tcl script from within Java (i.e. "single step" the
interpreter in trace mode, so the user can click a UI button (from a Java
client running across a TCP/IP link to the JAVA server code mentioned above)
to step through a Tcl script, examining variables along the way.
        4. Write Tcl extensions in Java (or C/C++,) which can then access the JVM,
and hence all the Java Server code.

I suspect for 3. I will need to extend Tcl Blend's JNI implementation to
provide Java side access to Tcl_CreateTrace et al.


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> "W. John Guineau" wrote:
> > My plan is to load the Tcl interpreter from within Java,
> > and then interact with it from Java. We would then write
> > Tcl extensions that essentially wind thier way back into
> > our Java code, and therefore have access to all the
> > functionality we already have. We will also need to single
> > step the interpreter and view/modify variables from within
> > the Java code.
> You can certainly write extensions this way, but why not use the java
> package, which is reflection based, instead?  I find it easier to just
> invoke my methods directly from Tcl than to try to write a custom
> extension.
> --
> Jeff Sturm

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