Jeff, sounds like your experience confirms my initial analysis - It's a safe
bet to go the Java -> Tcl Blend direction.

BTW - this work is for JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) - so you can add JPL
to the list of "large corporate/gov't users of Tcl and Tcl Blend ;) We will
be using Tcl to script our ground command and control system for a new
satellite due to launch in a few months. We will be doing the first ever
"lights out" (no humans) automation of a satellite!


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> "W. John Guineau" wrote:
> > Well, if I use the Java package, then the Tcl code would not
> have access to
> > the same run-time instance of the JVM that our code is running
> in, right?
> I don't see why not.  There is only one JVM per process anyway.  (That
> is a limitation of the Sun JVM.)  I'm not familiar with the code, but by
> executing AttachThread the Tcl interpreter can easily get a handle to
> the existing JNI environment.
> > (starting our Java code from Tcl is, unfortunetly, not an option.)
> Understood.  I am doing what you describe, except I haven't attempted to
> single-step the interpreter and I'm currently using Jacl, not TclBlend.
> I have a Java servlet that creates a pool of interpreters, each running
> in its own thread.  Each interpreter uses the java package and calls
> back to Java methods.  I haven't yet needed to write any custom
> commands, the java package is a "swiss army knife" that way.
> --
> Jeff Sturm

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