On Tue, 23 May 2000, Jeff Sturm wrote:

> I just tracked down an annoying bug in Jacl... the classloader could not
> found a /tcl/lang/library/init.tcl resource, so the interpreter refused
> to start.
> The Interp had been trying to load resources from the system
> classloader, not the classloader which loaded tcl.lang.Interp:

Thanks for the bug report and patch. Your suggested change was
committed to the CVS with one small modification. If you
have any other problems running Jacl in applets please
don't hesitate to report them.

cvs diff -r 1.30 -r 1.31 src/jacl/tcl/lang/Interp.java
diff -u -r1.30 -r1.31
--- Interp.java 2000/05/14 23:10:20     1.30
+++ Interp.java 2000/05/24 08:04:32     1.31
@@ -2441,7 +2441,7 @@
     InputStream stream = null;
     try {
-       stream = Class.class.getResourceAsStream(resName);
+       stream = Interp.class.getResourceAsStream(resName);
     } catch (SecurityException e2) {
        // This catch is necessary if Jacl is to work in an applet
         // at all. Note that java::new will not work from within Jacl

Mo Dejong
Red Hat Inc.

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