We have a medium sized system (~250K lines of C++ and Java) that we want to
graft Tcl scripting into.

The place where we would integrate scripting is all Java code.

I see the recommended solution in this case is to use JACL, but for
performance reasons (and other factors) I would prefer to use Tcl Blend. We
already have a fairly significant JNI interface to common C++ code, so I'm
quite familiar with JNI at this point (I see Tcl Blend also uses JNI.)

My plan is to load the Tcl interpreter from within Java, and then interact
with it from Java. We would then write Tcl extensions that essentially wind
thier way back into our Java code, and therefore have access to all the
functionality we already have. We will also need to single step the
interpreter and view/modify variables from within the Java code.

Am I asking for trouble by "going against the grain" on this?


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