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> Thank you for this information.  Let me add that Ubuntu 20.04 defaults
> to 2.69, but Ubuntu 22.04, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and OmniOS all
> currently default to Autoconf 2.71.

...and macOS doesn't ship with autoconf in the first place, so the user would 
have to install a third-party version.

The current GNU release is 2.71, and the current Homebrew release:


is 2.71, so...

> Would it make the most sense to make 2.71 the nominal version (especially for 
> releases), but to maintain
> backward compatibility with 2.69 for quite a while longer?


That means people should be careful when updating the configure script, and 
might call for at least one part of the CI process involve testing, on a 
machine with 2.69 installed, both "does it work if you just use the packaged 
configure script?" and "does it work if you get rid of configure and 
config.h.in, run autoconf to generate the script with 2.69, and use the 
resulting configure script?", to catch cases where people aren't careful.

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