Andreas, we are in the process of changing this as well. Are using 1900 for 
Layer2 and 1600 for Layer3. If I remember correctly, you need 1580 Layer3 if 
you want to set your UE’s to 1500 which is what we are trying to achieve.


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Please pardon my ignorance with this question.  We use Mikrotik Cloud Core’s  
L3 routing with OSPF.  Wondering if there is any merit in switching the default 
L3 MTU of 1500 to 1580 for better performance and possibly solve some weird VPN 
problems for customers on the LTE platform.  I know quite some time back there 
was a number of discussions around MTU…I can’t seem to find them. Currently we 
are L3 MTU of 1500 and L2 MTU is 1580, some are 1588…. Seems to be calculated 


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